Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Forgotten Men: State Based Solutions

by The Forgotten Men
"Wow! Joshua was in rare form (apparently he doesn't take kindly to when people put inaccurate words in his mouth). Join The Forgotten Men as they pick up from last week's show topic about a Federal Judges recent ruling that MD's permit carry law in unconstitutional (but is it?!)"

Listen and find out.......

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Mark and Joshua are the hosts of The Forgotten Men radio show Saturdays at 12noon ET, on AM930 WFMD and online at ForgottenMen.com.

As Constitutionalists, Mark and Joshua are average citizens who have dedicated significant time to furthering the original meaning, intent, and purpose of the Constitution at the time of its ratification and how the founders provided us with solutions to the challenges we face today.

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