Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are you OK with being lied to? If you are, you might suffer from BYHITS.

by Mark Kreslins                                                                           From: The Forgotten Men Blog

Guess what, Congress will NEVER solve, the DEBT problem we have...NEVER.

I know, I know, this is not news to anyone and that's part of the "bury your head in the sand" (BYHITS) syndrome most of the population suffers from. How do I know this, most people still believe that the 2012 elections are "the most important of our lives" blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What is "historic" about business as usual?

Here are the FACTS. The GDP of the Union will NEVER grow large enough nor fast enough to absorb
the roughly $1 Trillion of borrowed money the DC'vers depend on every year to buy votes and fund day-to-day operations. This is just a fact, yet both national candidates will blabber on and on that if you elect me, well, "I'll really get this economy going and bring jobs, lolipops and gumdrops to everyone!"

Our GDP would necessarily need to be much greater than $14 Trillion in order to fund a nearly $4 Trillion annual budget without borrowed money. In fact, at historic tax collection rates of almost 18%, the GDP would have to grow to roughly $23 Trillion in order to fund a $4 Trillion dollar national government budget.

Do you get that? This is the fraud we're all being told by BOTH parties and many are buying into this and thus expose that they're infected with BYHITHS!. Any idea what it would take to grow the GDP from $14 Trillion to $23 Trillion?

Business                                        Revenues                                    Doubling            
Wal-Mart Stores                       455,000,000,000                         910,000,000,000       

Exxon Mobil                             442,000,000,000                         884,000,000,000

Chevron                                     237,000,000,000                         474,000,000,000

ConocoPhillips                          235,000,000,000                         470,000,000,000

General Electric                         140,000,000,000                         280,000,000,000

Explain how this is going to happen?

- We will need near 0% unemployment - In order for the $4,000,000,000,000 budget to be met, almost everyone needs to be earning income at a MUCH higher rate than they do now and paying taxes.

What are the chances of this happening....um...ZERO as in 0 point 0!

And this assumes the budget is held at $4 Trillion. What happens when the budget goes to $5 Trillion and $6 Trillion. Like we've said over and over again, these people we call the DC'vers are NOT noble people. They're lying straight to you about supposedly desiring to solve the debt problem. They have no intention to, none.

This is why we argue week after week that the only solution to our problem is, as Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, to "alter or abolish" this national beast. What will not solve the mess we're in is continuing the status quo and just about every national candidate supports to status quo...with tiny, tiny little changes.

So, do you suffer from BYHITS? Or are you ready to decentralize this national beast, run for State office, hold rally's in your State to compel it to stand up to the national government, start a liberty group in your State, re-learn the fraudulent history you've been taught and most of all, stop hoping in the hopeless...that any national candidate will fix the mess we're in! Washington DC will NEVER fix Washington DC.

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Mark Kreslins [send him an e-mail] is co-host of The Forgotten Men radio show on WFMD Frederick every Saturday from 12-2. But, first and foremost he is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, husband and father of four. As a small business owner of a Maryland healthcare company, he’s acutely aware of the onerous hand of the federal and state government. Having worked on Capitol Hill in the mid 1980’s for two Members of Congress, Mark was made intimately aware of the overreaching nature of government.

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Reprinted with permission from: ForgottenMen.com

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