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What We Will Do for Money

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She wants her story told but will not give me her name, she said to just to use her initials. While N. C’s story is not new or unique, it is a story of a fall from grace, one that has become all too commonplace, the loss of pride, dignity and respect all for money. She is struggling to turn that around but it will not be easy, respect lost is hard to regain.

It started so innocently that distinguished older gentleman paying attention to me. Flattering me. Telling me all the things, we could do together, the things he would buy me, the gifts, the parties. Oh those gifts, those parties!

Then it began, the little things those small requests. They seemed so, exciting. Something new, something different, just a little out there; but now I cannot believe what he is asking me to do. What was I supposed to do; I wanted us to be together forever.

Things had been going along quite well for a long time, all the gifts, the money if I would just do what he asked, when he asked, and I did. I now realize how easy it was to be lulled into this situation. The person I introduced to everyone as my “uncle” was becoming more demanding, more abusive and I knew I had to get out of this relationship.

But how? I almost cringe anymore when I think about us!

This relationship has gone on for so long and he now tells me that I was nothing without him; I have even started to believe it. He even laughed one time when I refused to do what he had asked. That is when he told me the “joke”. It was about a man propositioning a woman to sleep with him for a million dollars. She said yes. Then the man said, well how about fifty dollars? That is when the woman said what do you think I am? To which the man said we have established that, now we are negotiating the price.

The degradation and subservience have gone on way to long and I can no longer take the shame of it. I will regain my dignity, I will finally stand up to my dear “uncle Sam” and tell him NO!


Let us face the truth, this is exactly what the states have done; the politicians of both parties in Washington, DC have been buying off the states for years. The federal government passes a bill that is unconstitutional that denies state sovereignty and gets the states to go along by paying them off.

If the States want to restore their honor and regain their rightful place in our federal system of government by reclaiming powers under the Tenth Amendment then they will need to quit prostituting themselves to Washington, DC.

Washington cannot keep handing out money to the states to do its bidding because even DC is going to run out of our and China’s money. Make no mistake about it Washington will turn to threats of force to make the states do what it wants, centralized government tyrants always do. The test of wills is coming, it would be better to start reasserting our State sovereignty now when it will be easier than later when the real threats will come.

When the money stops and it will, many of the programs that everyone have become used to will end, no one will be happy but it is going to happen, make no mistake it is going to happen. To save the United States we must first save our own State Sovereignty. States must make Washington live within the limits placed on it by the Constitution, our freedom and liberty hang in the balance.

We must continue to demand our elected representatives do their duty as laid out in our State and US Constitutions nothing else is acceptable. Their words may get them elected but their actions once there will determine how long they will stay.

The Constitution: Every Issue, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses!

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William Kennedy [send him email] is the State Chapter Coordinator for the North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center. A strong supporter of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights with special emphasis on State Sovereignty protected by the Tenth Amendment.

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Reprinted with permission from: William Kennedy

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