Monday, July 9, 2012

Until Debt Do Us Part

by Scott Strzelczyk                                                                                    From: A Citizens View

For all intents and purposes the Constitution is a dead letter; meaningless words rendered useless on two hundred year old parchment paper. The federal government was meant to be one of enumerated and limited powers. Over the past 150 years, the words and meaning have been struck out, covered over with white out, reducing it to nothing more than mere parchment.

The people are guilty of aiding and abetting the demise of the Constitution, and the ideal of limited government and federalism. The people have willingly reduced themselves from citizens to subjects, dependent upon government for their very subsistence. The peoples’ lives, liberty, and property are no longer treasured freedoms worth protecting. These things have been traded for government benefits to be named later.

Government is a reflection of the people. People have turned to government to solve problems. When government is seen as the ultimate solution provider to problems is it any wonder why liberty and rights are abridged or denied, all things economic are controlled by the central planners, and why the Supreme Court is viewed as the ultimate arbiter of all things constitutional.

The stark reality is too few people care about these things. People have traded liberty for oppression and freedom for slavery. Liberty and freedom requires civic duty and personal responsibility. Civic duty is shunned and government action takes its place. Personal responsibility is too daunting a task that leaves the individual with no one to blame for life’s successes and failures. Government responsibility eliminates the burden of personal responsibility.

Civil society has failed because the people are unwilling to take personal responsibility for their own lives and prosperity. If people cannot function without government intervention forcing social programs such as social security, Medicare, welfare, and now universal health care on society; then the people must admit they no longer treasure or want liberty and freedom. The fallacy is the people believe trading liberty and freedom for social welfare programs and security is attainable through government force. If civil society can’t provide and assist others in need, how can anyone believe government is capable of doing this successfully?

The truth can be reduced to a simple statement. If people are not capable of self-governance and self-direction what makes anyone believe people are capable of governing or directing others.

Personally, I concede most people will not resume their civic duty and personal responsibilities until circumstances force it upon them. Government intervention and power will continue to expand until the system collapses under its own weight.

Certain events will force people, willingly or not, to resume these responsibilities. Those events are the economy, the national debt, the currency, fiscal policy, and the central planners’ control of the money supply and interest rates. More people are attentive to this aspect of life compared to their own freedom, liberty, and constitutionally limited government.


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